Prime Time Living

What this blog is about

This blog is about how to make the phase of your life following your career into the Prime Time of your life - how to make it a time of fulfillment, meaning and fun. Its not for people who accept being "past-it", but for those who choose to be "present-its". This blog is NOT about how to make 60 the new 30, or 70 the new 40. It's about embracing the age you are, and living in "Prime Time". It came about by working with so many people in their 50s, 60s and 70s. We found ourselves enquiring what make the concept formerly known as retirement such a rich and productive time for some, whilst leaving others dejected, dependent or despondent. This is a blog for successful doers who want another successful and rich phase of life. Under 30s need not read any further! This blog isn't for people who are still in their early or mid careers and have years to go before they enjoy this rich life phase. In short, it's about how you live in Prime Time, and not resign yourself to just remembering Past Times. Take a second (or third, or fourth) bite of the cherry.

When will we blog

Every month for the next two years we’ll publish an interview with someone who’s thinking about starting Their Prime Time, or who is actively preparing for it, or is already living it. Some of these people have lessons for others, and some don’t think they have much to share. But we think all of them have golden nuggets to spread to a wider audience, and we can all learn from their top tips to making it the Time of Their Life. We’ll end up with over 20 interviews from a rich variety of people from Europe, the States and elsewhere. They are not going to tell us the definitive way to live your particular Prime Time,, and sometimes their stories and tips contradict each other. But by reading them every month, or even now and then, we think you’ll learn a lot about not just them and their lives, but about you and your life too. These are people we know, or we’ve heard of, or we’ve come across in our work or elsewhere in our lives. And if you know someone who you think has an interesting story to share about their Prime Time, we are keen to hear from you, so leave us a message and a contact email and we might include them in our Roll Call of Successful Prime Timers..

Our recent blogs


Dan’s creativity is evident in everything he does, not surprising as he was one of the “Mad Men” who started his career as an advertising executive on New York’s Madison Avenue in the 60s. He describes his life in the 60s and 70s as chaotic and he has survived all kinds of addictions